FAQ tint Smart Light App

Which tint products can be controlled with the tint Smart Light App?

All tint devices that support Bluetooth can be controlled with the tint Smart Light App. Look for the Bluetooth logo, which you can find on the packaging and the product label.

How can I add new devices to the tint Smart Light app?

In the main menu of the app, go to the "+" icon and turn on the new tint product. The tint product must be in pairing mode, that means when switching on the product is flashing briefly in different colors respectively the product flashes briefly in white (depending on the functions of the product). If this is not the case, the product must first be reset (see corresponding instructions or notes in the app).

How can I rename/remove my lamps and fixtures?

Within a room, press and hold on the corresponding product field until a context menu opens. There, the tint product can be renamed or remove.

What can be controlled with the tint Smart Light App?

With the tint app, different light colors and white tones can be set and the light can be dimmed. In addition, various light scenes can be set and a timer function that switches the tint products on or off after a certain period of  time.

How can I create a new room?

In the settings menu of the app, go to Home management - Room Management. There you can rename the already existing rooms. A new room can be created via the "+" symbol at the top right. The desired settings can be saved via the disk symbol in the upper right corner.

How can I delete a room?

In the settings menu of the app, go to Home Management - Room Management. The existing rooms are listed there. To remove a room, press and hold on the room name and select "Remove" in the context menu.

What is a group and how can I create a group?

A group can contain different tint products, which can be within one room, but also in different rooms. This is useful, for example, if all the lamps on the first floor are to be switched off at the same time, or even an area within a room. To do this, select the middle icon for the groups at the bottom of the app menu. Use the "+" symbol in the upper right corner to create a new group. To do this, assign a name, select the corresponding tint products and then save it via the disk symbol at the top right.

How can I edit and delete a group?

At the bottom of the app menu, select the middle icon for the groups. In the list of groups, long press on the desired group. A context menu opens where you can select "Edit" or "Remove".

What is the range of the tint products?

The range is about 10 to 15 meters. Inside a building, however, the range can be significantly less due to walls, ceilings, etc. The tint app is designed to control the items within a room.

Why do I need to create an account?
It is necessary to set up an account so that different family members can control the lights. For this purpose, we only collect an e-mail address and no other personal data.

Can other family members access the app?

Yes, several people can access the app. However, for technical reasons, only one person can connect to the tint products at a time. A family member can also be added in the settings via the Set up rooms menu. New tint products can only be added by the "owner" of the app.

Can I control my lamps when I am not at home?

No, the lamps can only be controlled within the Bluetooth range. Unfortunately, due to the Bluetooth radio standard, it is not possible to control them when you are away from home.

Why don't I receive a registration code?

Possibly the corresponding e-mail ended up in the SPAM folder, or an incorrect e-mail address was entered.

Why do I need to enable my location sharing to use the app?

For technical reasons, the location must also be enabled in order to use the Bluetooth function. We will not store the respective location.